Torrid Credit Card

You're in good company if you are here because you have developed a liking for the items found in the stores of Torrid. Does every week meet you with a strong desire to grab your Torrid Credit Card and get out to the sales and take advantage of some great deals? Have you decided on getting your own Torrid Credit Card yet? If, not, and you're a frequent shopper of Torrid, you are basically leaving money on the table. You need to go ahead and seriously consider the option and advantage of having the Torrid Credit Card before you make your next shopping venture to Torrid.

If you are looking for some complaints to be filed about Torrid, sorry you have found the wrong page. We have also been hardly able to find any valid complaints on Torrid or the Torrid Credit Card as well. Though the Torrid Credit Card has been available for quite a while now, it's still fairly new to a lot of people. The biggest things that seem to draw women into the Torrid Credit Card are the double point events held for cardholders, and the additional $10 that is gained every time you get an additional 200 points on your card.


When it comes to complaints that mention Torrid, most of the complaints aren't really about the Torrid Credit Card at all. Most people seem to want to complain about calling customer service or thinking that their points aren't growing fast enough. If their points aren't growing fast enough, are they even shopping at all? To get a Torrid Credit Card just because you will buy a new item once a month or so is not a great reason for having the Torrid Credit Card. There appears that only a few are complaining in the long run while more people are actually taking advantage of the Torrid Credit Card for all of the right reasons and loving it.

If the worst type of complaint you can find is because of things like customer service calls, we think that somebody (Torrid) is at least doing something right. Not saying that customer service isn't a big issue, but that in the grander scheme of things regarding the Torrid Credit Card you will unfortunately get a new agent or someone who just is having a bad day or doesn’t quite know their job yet. In those situations is where we need to just be more understanding, really. You can always stop by one of the store locations or something whenever you need to ask or there are other methods that can be used to reach someone different to resolve your concern. One more thing, why is it that people will complain about a credit card when it is their own fault for missing their payment? Ok, we won't go there. Shopping at Torrid on a regular basis just isn't as great if you aren't carrying your own Torrid Credit Card into the store with you to take extra advantage of the savings you will find there.